Who is Molech?

Molech (though you may know him as Moloch, Molek, or Melech) was an ancient Near Eastern deity worshiped by several cultures in Phoenecia and the Levantine; the Canaanites, Carthaginians, and Israelites were especially devoted to his power and clemency. Seen today as a sinister god, given his connections to ritual child sacrifice, Molech is commonly […]

Origins of Molech and his Legend

Molech’s association with the sun – a figure usually connoting supreme reign among polytheistic pantheons – connects him with several other deities, in the ancient Near East and throughout many diverse mythologies. It is thought that Molech may be a particular incarnation of Nimrod, the Babylonian god of the sun and the most powerful figure […]

Molech and Human Sacrifice

The sacrifice of humans – including children – was not exactly a rare occurrence in the days when Molech, the Canaanite sun god worshiped throughout the ancient Near East, commanded the awe and fear of his people. Several religious traditions often sacrificed virgins, as well as full grown men and women, along with animals of […]

What not to name your kid: Molech

There’s a lot of silly sounding names out there – Englebert and Moon Unit come to mind – but isn’t it unfortunate when parents unwittingly name their children after mythological or historical figures with nasty backgrounds and bad associations? As it happens, Molech may be the worst; not only is this ancient deity identified with […]

How to Steer Clear of a Molech Cult

It might seem unbelievable that some people recreate ancient religious cults that practiced things such as child sacrifice, but it happens – there’s a lot of spooky stuff out there! The Bohemian Grove in California, a camp which hosts some of the most powerful men in the world for several weeks a year, is supposed […]

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